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Bed for bedroom

Bedroom bed, which is the basic equipment of each bedroom. A bedroom, as the name suggests, is a room intended for sleeping. Sleeping, in turn, has a decisive influence on your mood during the day. After a sleepless night we feel irritated and lack energy. Being rested we are charged with positive energy and ready for a new day.

We distinguish between bedroom beds:

  • Upholstered: quality of workmanship, elements of decoration, accessories, testify to the unique appearance of this furniture. Upholstered bedroom beds thanks to soft headrests and upholstered backs will make the moments spent on the bed more pleasant. Elements of decoration will give character to the interior. Having an upholstered bed in your bedroom you will be able to rest after a hard day’s work and gain strength for a new day.
  • Wooden: for years, wooden beds have been arousing great desire. Wood is a 100% natural, healthy material that brings us closer to nature. The furniture is most often made of wood: pine, alder, birch, beech and oak. Using wooden furniture has a soothing effect on your well-being, helps you to relax after a hard day’s work. Nice to the eye colours will blend in with any interior design. Having a wooden bed to the bedroom we provide ourselves with the luxury we deserve.
  • Continental: a bed integrated with a mattress. Often found in hotels. A continental bed is higher than a standard bedroom bed. It has two mattresses and a frame. The continental bed has a very long life expectancy – the most durable construction of a bedroom bed so far. Being the owner of a continental bed you can enjoy a comfortable sleep for many years, and every day you wake up full of energy.
  • Semi-skid: ideal for a studio, a small living room connected to the bedroom, and for multifunctional rooms. Thanks to its folding function, the half-catcher does not take up much space during the day, while at night it turns into a comfortable bed. The folded half-cat, looks like a chest of drawers or a bookcase. The half-cat is easy to fold, special straps allow you to fold it together with the bedding. In the morning it is extremely useful, we don’t waste valuable time on bedding, we just close it and we’re done. Unexpected visits of guests will not be stressful. You will fold the half-cap in a few seconds and you can spend the time saved on pleasures.

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