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Can a bedroom be without a window?

That’s a question many people certainly ask themselves. Well, how is it to wake up in the morning and not have a view of rushing clouds, trees dancing in the wind, or any landscape outside the window. How not to hear the rain ringing about the windowsill or birds singing. Well, sometimes it’s really not possible, especially when the size of the apartment doesn’t allow you to devote one of the rooms to a typical, atmospheric bedroom or simply there is no extra room.

However, it turns out that a bedroom without a window does not have to be worse than a classic one. Everything depends on how we approach the subject. Surely the colours will play an important role in the interior – not only walls and floors, but also bedroom furniture and accessories. A window can, as an exception, replace an interesting wallpaper on a wall with a view of a forest or another landscape, which will add depth and expression to the interior. Mirrors reflecting light from adjacent rooms or windows will also work well. The company of the bedroom will also be important, i.e. the surrounding zones and their arrangement and general interior lighting.

It may turn out that a separate bedroom, although it will not have its own window, thanks to creativity and ingenuity will be very atmospheric and will become a real oasis and a place of dream relaxation.

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