How to separate a bedroom without a window in the living space?

The element separating the bedroom from the other room can be practically any piece of bedroom furniture which, to a minimum, though, will allow for a private and intimate rest area. An example of such a solution can be a tall, untypical bookcase both single-sided and one with transparent clearances, if it is important to light up the bedroom.

A large wardrobe on the size of the wardrobe will also be ideal, which from the side of the living room can be a background for the bookcase or RTV zone, and from the side of the bedroom a place to store, as a substitute for the wardrobe.

The above mentioned, comfortable and very practical solution are also sliding doors, loft-style partitioning or a specially created small wall made of plasterboard or board.

For some people, a rail and spectacular, pouring curtains, which, moved by a breath of air, add to the interior of life and mystery or a truss with lots of greenery and climbing plants. There are really many ideas for a bedroom without a window.

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