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Light or dark bedroom furniture?

When choosing bedroom furniture, it is worth taking into account the tips and advice of interior decorators, to be inspired by new solutions, but most of all you should trust yourself. At the stage of interior decoration, it is worth realizing how a particular colour of furniture affects the overall appearance of the room and its optics. It turns out that colors are of great importance.

Light, subdued shades of walls and furniture positively influence the mood and promote relaxation and tranquility after a hard day full of duties. They are ideal for small interiors or those located in the attic, where there is less natural light. Large bright planes optically enlarge the interior and give it cleanliness and sterility, and such a feeling in the bedroom is very desirable. Bright furniture is also not visually heavy, which affects the perception of the bedroom interior as ephemeral, light and sensual.

This is the colour scheme that is definitely preferred by supporters of modern, minimalist and Scandinavian interiors. Mornings in brightened spaces immediately have a positive and optimistic color, putting us in a good mood.

Dark colours, in turn, create an intimate twilight and introduce some mystery and intimacy. Cabinets, chests of drawers or beds made of dark decors look very noble and exceptional. They have a slightly edifying atmosphere, which is conducive to rest, calms the senses and takes us to a state of rest.

Dark furniture usually looks very solid, durable, friendly and evoke positive associations. They are most often chosen by people attached to tradition and who like classic solutions.

What kind of furniture we choose for the bedroom depends to a large extent on individual preferences, lifestyle and the effect we want to achieve. But that’s not all that matters. There are a few other variables to consider when arranging your bedroom.

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