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Spring mattress (bonell)

Spring mattress (bonell) is one of the oldest sleeping systems, nowadays displaced by others. Such a mattress is made of thick bonellow springs, which are connected to each other. Its main advantage is its low price. The advantages include a long service life. It will work well as a spare mattress in the guest room or for occasional overnight stays on the plot. So let’s not write it down at once for losses. These mattresses are also airy.

Unfortunately, there are many more disadvantages here. First of all, the bonell mattress has a low point elasticity, so it does not adapt well to the anatomical curves of our body. It is difficult to keep clean, so it is not recommended for allergy sufferers. Bonell mattresses are wavy. It consists in the fact that when two people sleep on a mattress and one of them changes the position in which they are sleeping, the other one will feel these movements, which will disturb their sleep. These mattresses are also usually hard.   You can easily buy variety of mattresses online.

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